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 Penpal Website Description
Welcome to pen pal website, this site's main function is to provide a platform for friends, for we are here to find an ideal friendship. Friends in a manner not limited to site pen pal, we can release a variety of friends on this information, including the pen pal letters, Email pen pals, online friends SMS Liaoyou, foreign dating services. Dating method is a form of friendship among the most precious is a kind of soul-to-agreement. Please open up your mind, the release of their own desire of communication!

This site has three main functions: 1. Publish your own dating information (including contact details, a letter address, etc.). 2. To find information on someone else's friends. 3. To provide a variety of friends information.

About Pen pal
If you want to let someone else be able to take the initiative to write to you first, then just leave your own address bar (you can issue a special pen pals of the posts). Of course, before that, it is recommended you first register as a site member. Registered as a member of the benefit is: you will have a user name and password for the landing site, and then, if you change your mind, you can delete the previous posts you have made of friends, while there are some posts that only members can view , and one advantage is that you can upload your own photos, the future may also have additional benefits (temporarily could not think of). If you are not registered site member, they can still post on friends, but your posts will be displayed as "tourists released" (a bit like Baidu paste bar anonymous posting IP party, if you are familiar with Baidu paste bar, then believed it could be very easy to use site. ^_^
If you are an active person who likes, then he give someone else you can write. At this time, you can visit another site posted by users in making friends post. The format of this post is designed specifically for pen pal exchanges, I believe you will be able to find like-minded friends oh. Note that you may encounter the situation you can not browse to certain posts, it may be due to: 1. You do not register as a site member, or you do not log on. Some posts that only members can browse. 2. On this post's friends may not want you to see him (her) post, or if he (she) said that for some reason do not fit and you become a pen pal (for example, only to find the other girls, or just looking for peers), the This restricted posts You may not be able to see, so you can continue to browse you are interested in other people's posts better. Ability, attention to social networking site information, the communication information page will guide you through the communication skills to communicate better and new friends.
 Dating question FAQ
What is penpal?
Pen pal letters communication refers to depend on friends, usually are not met and continue to communicate with friendly people. Pen pal is a kind of through correspondence and friendship developed between English as Pen Pals or Pen Friends. Before the rise of the network, through exchange of letters between pen friends in a manner more popular. Letters in some aspects than topical e-mail (e-mail) is better because the postman delivered through the need to round-trip time, waiting for the receipt of a letter is a very special feeling, exhibition reading the letter, looked at by the mood affects the handwriting, and as time goes on from the yellowing envelope and stationery, and often will bring another round of fun. Are still relevant bodies to promote a pen friends in a manner of Friends. On the network was also started using the word pen pal to represent the User's one of the country, particularly popular in Europe and America. People who like to write articles often come together to exchange articles and discussions on cultural, philosophical, social, psychological problems, and so the contents of a friend, that's "friends through literature."
what is netfriend?
The so-called netizens, namely, the network of friends, refers to vectors and acquaintances as well as through an intimate friend, meet with little or only at a particular place in order to meet a friend. For example, by alumni, QQ Liaoyou, telephone Liaoyou , blog friends and so on. Friendship networks of people to each other: Network friends. The network peers. Peer network friends. Cho friends network. Network of friends and guests. Network of loved ones. Network knot Party: the network cliques (on the Internet for their own gain by colluding to exclude opponents of the gang). Network in groups: a network gregarious friend fly.
About message friend
With the popularity of mobile phones, mobile phone text messages are also increasingly becoming a fashion friend and efficient way of friends. Similar with netizens via cell phone text messages to communicate with each other to avoid the fetters of reality, text messaging friends to become friends on a wonderful extension and additions.
 The new penpal information:
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Site statement: youngsters should be to enhance network security awareness and avoid cheated!
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